Toyota Tundra is Willing and Able to Haul All Your Toys

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Boys and their toysOne thing I will never understand is boys and their trucks.  I guess it goes back to boys and their toys, except the older they get the larger the toy.  My little brother has a Toyota Tundra.  I was actually shocked he didn’t get an America model.  He is your classic country boy.  I asked him why, and he said that he had test drove several models and the Tundra had everything he was looking for and was about ten grand less than the competitors.  Yep that would have done it for me too.

He bought the truck to pull their boat.  And his four wheelers. And his motor cycles.  Oh yeah and don’t forget the side by side.  Yeah he takes boys and their toys to a whole other level.  When you have all of this to haul around plus live out in the country, you need something that is reliable. The Toyota Tundra is just that.

He chose an SR5 CrewMax 5.7 liter V8 FFV from our Toyota Cars dealer near Creve Coeur.  I was kinda surprised he did not go with the limited.   But he said this was a cost saving choice.  I also questioned the crew cab.  He and my sister-n-law have no children. They explained this allowed them to haul whatever toy choice of the day and bring their friends and family too.  I have to admit this works out great when we visit.  Our kids always ride with them.  Ah the sound of no whiny children in the car is awesomely serene.

I have to admit Toyota has done an awesome job with styling the new Tundra.  It screams masculinity all of its chrome details.  I think a lot of people think that since it’s not boxy that the Tundra would come off sort of soft, but the curves actually do the opposite.  They enhance the masculinity of this beast of a truck.

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Happy Customers Talk About Venza

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Toyota VenzaWhen looking for a new car, I always like to read other drivers reviews.  They usually give a better look at what really the car is like.  I am interested in the Toyota Venza.  I currently have a Camry and am wanting to go to something slightly larger.  I do not want an SUV per say, but maybe something in between and the Venza seems to fit.  Here are a couple of things that some current owners are saying.

Toyota claims the Venza averages 20 mpg city and 26 highway.  However more than one owner posted on that they had averaged closer to 30.  The power V6 seems to also be a hot topic.  Almost all of the owners commented on how awesome this was.  One customer expressed their dislike for the RAV4 leaving this engine out and decided to buy the Venza instead.  Another customer commented on how the engine purrs.  Who doesn’t love an engine that purrs?!

With the winter we have had this past year, I was happy to read where the Venza is excellent in snow.  The all-wheel drive is obviously what makes this car a great snow hound.  I am sure the extra clearance helps too.  There is still an available 4 cylinder, but most customers seem to migrate towards the more powerful V6.

I looked through all ten reviews and no one really had anything bad to say about the Venza.  Most were impressed with the styling both interior and exterior.  The only complaint came from an individual that had an issues with rodents eating certain wires.  Apparently the more environmentally friendly parts attract rodents and his cat was having issues keeping up.  Personally this is not going to deter me.  My Toyota Cars dealer near Hazelwood will be able to hook you up with this very impressive little SUV today.

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Choose Something Different, Choose Venza

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Toyota VenzaA couple of years ago we decided to get rid of our large SUV and replace it with a smaller vehicle.  Our kids were finally out of car seats and we did not need all the space.  Plus I am not a fan of driving something massive.  I thought about going to a car.  After test driving both the Camry and Avalon, I was not ready for a car.  I missed my SUV.  So my sales rep recommended the Rav4.  While it had the SUV feel I wanted, it just wasn’t what I wanted.  I still wanted an SUV, but one that drove like a car.  My incredibly intelligent and patient sales rep then directed me towards a Toyota Venza.

The exterior features a wagon body with beautifully sculpted lines.  I love that it is a wagon.  We had a wagon when I was growing up.  The feel of a car with the room in the back of a small SUV.  Plus it comes in all-wheel drive.  This was very important to me.  As you know living here in the Midwest we see all kinds of fun, crazy weather.  This winter has been a real example of that.

This little wagon has pick up too. I chose the available V6 with its powerful 3.5-Liter with 268 horsepower.  The standard Venza comes with a 2.7-Liter 4 cylinder with 181 horsepower. The Venza also gets an average 25 highway mpg and 20 city.  This is much better than my old giant SUV.

Another fun feature I like is the climate control.  How many times has my husband tried to freeze me out?  I am always cold.  Venza has an available dual zone automatic climate control. Problem solved.  No more freeze outs.

I am so happy I chose this small crossover.  It is not a car that everyone has.  I feel more like an individual driving it.  Not a cookie cutter car.  So if you are looking for something a little different check out the Venza at your  Toyota Cars in Hazelwood.

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