Safe Teen Driving and Toyota

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Used Toyota CarsDid you know that this is the 11th year that Toyota has offered a free driving skills program? And this isn’t just any program. It is design specifically to help parents steer their teens towards safety. The  TeenDrive365 platform gives families tips and resources for the critical first year of teen driving. This comprehensive program teaches defensive driving skills, crash avoidance techniques and the dangers of distracted driving. And your dealer of Toyota Cars near West County has all the details.

The leading cause of death among teens continues to be motor vehicle crashes. Something that Toyota recognizes is that the parents play a critical role when teens are developing their behind-the-wheel habits. That’s why this program from Toyota is designed to require the parent of guardian to actively participate in the event with the teen. This driving experience is available to pre-drivers and new driver as long as they have a permit of license.

This year’s event calendar look like this:

  • Pearl, Mississippi on Sept. 27 and 28 at Bass Pro Shops

  • Ann Arbor, Michigan on Oct. 4 and 5 at Washtenaw Community College

  • Honolulu, Hawaii on Nov. 8 and 9 at Aloha Stadium

You must register for this event. This can be done at

Michael Rouse, Toyota’s vice president of diversity, philanthropy and community affairs recently said, “Toyota is committed to bringing parents and teens together to better navigate the important first years on the road. Through this year’s three hands-on safe driving programs around the country, coupled with our online TeenDrive365 resources, we hope to make the roads a little safer for everyone.”

The TeenDrive365 goes beyond what is taught in driver ed. We believe that parents and teen will make mutual driving agreements and learn to communicate with more tips even at home.

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Moms Choose the Toyota Sienna Minivan!

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Laughing Mother And Baby outdoors. Nature. Beauty Mum and her ChWhen you think about the word “minivan” you probably have one of two thoughts go through your mind…you either love it, or you hate it.  The truth is that most people who have experienced minivan ownership can’t imagine having anything but a minivan when they are ready for something new.  That being said, there are several minivans in the market to choose from and when moms get together, it is easy to find out what they love about their van and what they wished they had that their van lacks.  If you are considering buying a minivan, it is important to look at what the reviews are to determine which one will be the best for your family.  Reviews can go a long way!

So, if you are shopping for a minivan, the new Toyota Sienna is a top pick for families!  We have compiled some reviews of the new 2014 model of the Sienna from and here is something to consider.  The average customer rating is currently a 4.5 stars out of a possible 5. This is an excellent rating when looking at customer reviews overall in today’s automotive industry. People are choosing to be more picky about what they believe to be a “5-star rating” due to the crunch on finances. Everyone wants to ensure more bang for their buck!

Some of the overall reviews by customers stated that they valued the gas mileage of the Sienna. One customer said, “Our Sienna is the vehicle we should have gotten years ago instead of an SUV.” Another customer provided a review regarding the safety of the Sienna, which protected her family in an accident where her Toyota Sienna was totaled. Even her children encouraged her to get a new Sienna, which she of course did. She stated that, “The Sienna drives well and feels like a luxury vehicle (as far as minivans go!).”

Contact your local Ackerman Toyota Cars Dealer in St. Louis today to test drive a new Toyota Sienna minivan!

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Ackerman Toyota is Selling to a New Generation!

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Generation YMore and more these days, researchers are uncovering that up and coming drivers are just not as concerned about the car they are driving as past generations. It’s hard to say why the shift in focus has occurred but at any rate, it has posed a new set of dilemmas for the auto industry and they must now concentrate some of their efforts towards finding solutions for the profit they will lose from this new trend.

Many experts believe that the way to overcome this problem is by making sure that Generation Y buyers know they can trust the car-buying experience from start to finish. In a recent news release from, George Halloran, an auto finance program director for the Americas at BenchMark Consulting International in Jacksonville, FL stated, “If something is going to appeal to Gen Y, it’s got to be trustworthy, nonintrusive with no hidden agenda and no pressure – and it’s got to be available at 2 a.m..”

Also, there are all kinds of loan options out there and available at the push of a button and young borrowers are very savvy in how to find these financing deals and aren’t afraid to use them. Dealers earn a lot of their profits off of financing and it will be crucial that they research these online deals and work to stay very competitive with them so that people will continue to finance their cars from the dealer. Many dealers, like your local Ackerman Toyota cars St. Louis dealer is already looking for ways to improve business for young buyers. They are looking forward to the challenges of the future and expect to remain at the top of the game in the auto industry.

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